Ed Rivera

Ed Rivera – Chief Engineer, DFSS Black Belt, Research Engineer, Engineering Coach

Kevin is a highly capable engineer. He has constructed complex yet very useful models including a mechanical/hydraulic model for technology that is continuing to evolve today. I’ve rarely seen a combination of these skills in one person. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Kevin.


John R. McIntyre, P.E.

John R. McIntyre, P.E. – Lead RF Engineer at Harris RF Communications

Kevin is an incredibly capable Engineer and Project Manger/Technical Lead. He has a great ability to take ideas from concept to prototype very quickly. He approaches problems in a very organized and logical manner, and communicates well in a diverse, multidisciplinary team. He is very self-motivated and brings integrity, professionalism, clarity and a great set of technical skills to any challenge.


Rick Licursi

Brent Wahba – Transformation & Innovation Executive,  President at Strategy Science

“I have known and worked with Kevin for 20 years and he is my ‘go-to-guy’ for any advanced design / modeling / optimization techniques. He has shown me many methods that I didn’t even realize were possible and he is always learning / creating something new and useful. He constantly pushes his organizations to not only use these beneficial techniques, but also to create a deep understanding of the science (and economics) behind what is being modeled so they don’t just blindly trust the computer. I highly recommend Kevin for leading or consulting on any modeling / optimization projects.”

Allan Wells

 Allan Wells – Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Delphi

“I worked with Kevin for several years on Fuel Rails for Direct Injection applications. Kevin is highly organized and dedicated to his work. He is a true leader who motivates everyone on the team to achieve more than what was thought possible.”

Rick Licursi

Rick Licursi – Senior Application Engineer at Siemens PLM Software

“Kevin is one of the best and most highly skilled Senior Engineers that I have had the pleasure to work with. He is an excellent problem solver, is organized, detail oriented, and has superior technical and computing skills. Kevin would be an asset to any organization and I give him my absolute highest recommendation.”


Jaydeo Kinikar – Strategy & Product Marketing at GE

“Kevin is a highly competent technical leader with creative problem solving skills and excellent team building skills. I worked with Kevin very closely in the capacity of a team member and client relationship manager for Emmeskay. Kevin’s leadership was instrumental in successfully leading development of a Fuel Cell Control System at Delphi under challenging timelines. He possesses a unique blend of technical skills, project management expertise and business acumen which is very important in guiding advanced technology projects with multiple business stakeholders. With highest integrity & work ethics, Kevin is an outstanding team leader who is not afraid to roll up the sleeves and jump into details to get things done. It was a real pleasure working with Kevin and I highly recommend him with absolutely no hesitation.”


 Michael Frick

Michael Frick – President at Transonic Combustion Inc.

“Kevin is a very creative engineer who also sweats the details. He is a quick study. As soon as he understands the objective, he functions on his own. I was very fortunate to have Kevin backing me up”.



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